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Skill & Drill

Online Summer Hobby Classes  (June 1-20)


Dear children

The school is going to  close for summer vacations from June 1 to June 30 . These holidays are going to be different because you are going to spend them at home unlike earlier ones when you travelled to new places or visited your family and friends . Being restricted at home to keep safe from the corona virus, without your regular online classes you will have a lot of time  on hand . So why not utilise this time to learn a new skill or polish the one you already possess. 

The school has taken the initiative  to organise online summer activity program ,Skill & Drill to give you an opportunity to use this time productively . Enroll yourself in any  of the below mentioned activities and  enrich your personality as you  learn a new hobby.


So hurry up and choose any one of the following activities to learn and excel in.


Classes 4-7

1.  Fitness with Zumba & Dance

2. Yoga & Fitness

3. Creative Art

4. Communication Skills



Classes 1-3

1. Dance & Drill

2. Creative Art

3. Story Telling and communication Skills

Fill up the shared Google form to confirm your willingness to participate. Carefully choose any one activity and submit the form by 5:00 p.m. ,Saturday, May 30 ,2020.