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Circular (28.03.2020)  

Dear parents

Warm greetings of health, hope and healing to you and your family !

As we navigate through these troubled times ,the  whole world seems to be caught in the web of time, connected together in fear and anxiety against corona virus pandemic .

These are challenging and frightening times when we find ourselves in a situation that we cannot control,when none of our strategies work. Life has come to a standstill as if paused. The only way to protect ourselves and our loved ones is to stay indoors ,suspend any outdoor activities and  practice restrain and patience to not to venture out. 

We as adults find it hard and difficult to accept these restrictive conditions so just imagine how demanding and gruelling  it would be for our children who have a natural affinity for outdoors and the peer group . Not only is  their education interrupted , their movement ,free 
play and other energy utilising activities  are majorly curtailed .Therefore,it is but inevitable to see behavioral changes in them like restlessness, tantrums,some aggression ,other unnatural behaviour or even addictive screen fixation. It is imperative that  we take essential steps to take full advantage of this pause in time for the betterment of our young children.

 The school is going to begin with online learning program from April 1 onwards to keep our students engaged with productive activities and to ensure that there is no lag in  their  learning . However ,you as parents have a significant role to play in helping your child emerge successfully through these traumatic times. Here are a few humble suggestions that will go a long way to help our children.

1. It is good to make your children aware about the present  conditions along with inculcating healthy hygiene habits, however  avoid transferring anxiety and the fear associated with it as it may affect their tender minds .

2. Let's utilise these times  of temporary disengagement ,when we are  no longer bound by busy schedules and tight time limits to build stronger bonds with our children ,to let them know that they are loved and cherished . They miss their peers so let's be their friends ,listen to them , play with them spend quality time with them .

3. Be their study buddies! Assist and oversee their online learning classes everyday . Ensure that whatever is imparted is practiced by the 
child ,only then the objective  of conducting 
e learning classes will be achieved . 

4. Go back in time and remember how our parents used stories to inculcate essential values and social ethics to us . Let's recreate those times for our children and strive to instill needed values in them . Let's go ahead and discuss with them how they can be the change that will make difference in future .

 Dear parents, despite the trauma around us , let's embrace the moment as an opportunity to move forward to create a better world for our children ,to help them be happier,more compassionate and aware little beings. 

Together we can make a difference and we will . Stay healthy ,safe and at home 

Thank you