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Online interaction for classes III to VIII  

Thank you for registering with Hansraj Public School. 

As there is still an uncertainty regarding reopening of the school under present conditions, we feel concerned and responsible for all the students who have registered themselves for entrance to the school. Moreover ,the school doesn't want any child to suffer any academic disadvantage due to the indefinite lockdown .

1. Therefore the school management has decided to conduct online  interaction for entrance into classes III to VIII on Friday , April 17 ,2020.This is to provide you a preview of the working of the school so as to enable you to take conscious decision about entrusting your ward with our esteemed institution.

2.The  online interaction for entrance to school will be held on ZOOM CLOUD MEETING app from *3:00 p.m. onwards

3. You will be added to a whatsapp group through 
which you will  be intimated regarding the procedure of the interaction and the time slot for the same

4. At the allotted time of interaction , *a link will be sent to you ,
0nce clicked on, your ward can join the  meeting,with invigilating teacher,who will guide the child regarding the online interaction*.
 Kindly ensure that the allotted time is adhered to .

5. The interaction will be for 30 minutes to assess the student's verbal abilities as well as curriculum awareness It will be based on syllabus shared at the time of registration for English, Hindi and Mathematics. 

6. You are requested to let the child independently attempt  the skill test. 

7. Please make the child sit on a table so that he/she is clearly visible to the teacher incharge.

8. The child should have sheets of paper to write on and stationary items like pen,pencil, eraser etc  

9. Interaction doesn't ensure admission .It will purely be on basis of merit.

10. Please send the report card of the previous class on the whatsapp group .Incase the final report card is not available ,send the half yearly result.

11. It will be better to hold the interaction on laptop or desktop . However incase that is not available it can be done on smart phone.

We thank you for connecting with us.